Refurb Diary


Monday 30th November 2015

The new lease has been signed and the Scout Group can officially move back into the refurbished Hall.  There are still some finishing touches to sort out such as painting, storage and unpacking our kit again.  But what an exciting new chapter for the Group.

Friday 6th November 2015

Well time rather flew by!  The main refurbishment by the contractor was completed and signed off by building control on 6th November.  And what a fantastic job our contractors, Inca Developments have done.

We are now waiting for the legalities and insurance to be tied up and we will move back in shortly.

Monday 17th August 2015

Well another two weeks have past and we can see things taking shape!

The new roof went on cleanly and held fast during the downpours last Thursday thank goodness.  The interior has been completely stripped, cleaned up and new battens put on the walls ready for the insulation and new plasterboarding.

The exterior concrete is almost ready for rendering. And, things are on schedule at the moment!


Wednesday 5th August 2015

The team have stripped out the interior back to the bare bones.  The roof has come off and should be completely replaced by the end of the week.


Monday 20th July 2015

What a difference a week makes!  No kitchen apart from the sink, and the storage area has been completely cleared.



Monday 13th July 2015

Well, we are off!  Contracts have been signed, the site has been fenced off and work to clear the building has started.

The Scouts had an enjoyable session last Wednesday demolishing the cupboards and storage areas.

Demloishing the Hut!