Safe and Sound


Safe and Sound

We want children to enjoy scouting activities safely. The Scout Association has strict policies regarding child safety and safeguarding. They have produced a useful leaflet for parents outlining the key details.

Safe and Sound leaflet

Dropping Off and Picking Up from Sessions

We would also like to be clear about when our Leaders become responsible for your child at regular weekly sessions.

Our Leaders will wait inside the Scout Hut at the beginning of a session for children to be dropped off.  Therefore the child remains the responsibility of the parent (or adult dropping them off) until that child enters the Scout Hut and is “handed over” to a Leader.

Children who are dropped at the top of the car park remain the parents responsibility until they enter and register inside the Scout Hut with a Leader for a session.

Beavers and Cubs may not arrive or leave meetings unaccompanied. If you wish for your child to come to Scout Section meetings unaccompanied, you MUST provide us with written confirmation, stating that you understand that until your child enters the Scout Hut and is registered, they will not be the responsibility of our Leaders.  Email

Dropping Off and Picking Up from other Venues

Likewise when we arrange to meet at a different location for a Section Meeting such as the supermarket, a fire-station or a farm, parents MUST hand their child over to the Leader and the register must be signed.  Dropping children off and assuming they have been registered is NOT acceptable and puts your child’s safety at potential risk, as the Leader will not know they are there.  If your child is given a lift with another parent, that parent takes the responsibility on your behalf.

Dropping Off and Picking Up from Camp

The Leader in charge will provide details about picking up and dropping off children to camp along with itineries, kit lists etc.  But the principles remain the same – you “hand over” your child to the Leader who will register them and at that point they become the responsibility of the Leader.

If you have any safety concerns please raise it with your Section Leaders in the first instance, or if you wish to speak to someone else, in confidence, you can email or the District Safeguarding Officer, Susan Cooke via